Jacques Hnizdosky, Young Pine, 1976

Beginning on  January, 2015, after 55 years of continuous operation and changing exhibitions in Chapel Hill, NC, Madison, WI and Washington DC, Jane Haslem Gallery has turned out its lights. Now by appointment and on the internet, the gallery continues to maintain its important presence on  www.janehaslemgallery.com

Recently 33 woodcuts and etchings by JACQUES HNIZDOVSKY 1915 – 1985, have come into the gallery for resale. These rare prints may be viewed on http://www.janehaslemgallery.com/pages/hnizdovsky_jacques/

at left: Jacques Hnizdovsky, Young Pine, 1976




Nancy McIntyre, Sky and Farm, 2015 Here is an artist who has always created and published her own silk screens. When she completes a new edition her introduction price is always very low. This new water-based silk screen, using 38 colors, is the 3rd image in a projected 4 part series of studies of the sky. Sky and Farm is $125.

see http://www.janehaslemgallery.com/pages/mcintyre_nancy/
Both artists have pages on www.artline.com

at left: Nancy McIntyre, Sky and Farm, 2015
water-based silk screen with with 38 colors
edition 50, 19 3/4 x 13″ $125.


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