Phyllis Plattner: Gods of War!

Phyllis Plattner at American University Museum

Phyllis Plattner: Gods of War!

American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center Washington DC
January 24 through March 15, 2015

Some wage war in the name of God. All fight with the belief that God is on their side. Phyllis Plattner’s art is a painted meditation, appropriating images of war and religion from art history and photojournalism to contrast the opposing drives of violence and peace. This solo-exhibition features monumental, highly narrative altarpieces from Plattner’s Legends and Chronicles of War series.

Plattner says of her work: The catalyst for all the paintings is my horror at the ubiquity and inanity of warfare throughout the history of the world, sadly including our own times. These paintings remind us that all cultures have made art depicting and glorifying their wars; throughout history paintings, sculpture, decorative friezes, ceramics, weavings celebrate victories and idolize warriors. Not until Goya painted did depictions of the madness of war appear.


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