Elaine S. Wilson | Hatcher Graduate Library | University of Michigan

ELAINE S WILSON: CHARTING THE WOLVERINE Stephen S. Clark Library, Hatcher Graduate Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI January 15 through May, 2015

In this exhibition Washington DC artist Elaine S Wilson has charted the Wolverine with drawings, watercolors and prints with scenes viewed while riding the train along the Ann Arbor to Jackson leg of the railroad. Wilson has always charted the unusual, unnoticed and forgotten such as gravel pits, dunes, farms and farm machinery and the McMillan water filtration system in Washington DC.

Wilson says, It seems to me that the nature of the figure/ground relationship is a dual one: it is both the basic visual building block with which I work and it is a metaphor for my questions and perceptions of the world.

I find that I am drawn to places where humans have carved the landscapes one way or another, gravel pits, farms, the cuts in the woods for high voltage pylons.

The appearance is always what pulls me in, but the work of the people, and the movement of the landscape insinuates itself. Changes in perspective in the large paintings allow me to transport the viewer in and around the space and through time.


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