Nancy McIntyre: The Sky Series

Nancy McIntyre, Sky and Truck

Nancy McIntyre
Sky and Truck, 2013
silkscreen with 64 colors, edition 50
18 x 14″ $175.



January skies

Some years back, my daughter Molly’s friends at a Philadelphia art collective, Artclash, started up an annual January art project called “Fun-a-Day,” as a good way to ward off winter doldrums. It has since spread to other cities as well. Anybody interested just picks some particular art-related thing to do daily for the month of January (culminating in a chance to exhibit the results in February.) In 2012 I decided to take one photograph of the sky every day. Sometimes I took more. Then, on a day I drove to the beach to visit my gallery in Lewes, Delaware, the sky kept looking so interesting, especially late in the afternoon, that I took a whole bunch of photos.

My favorites were a scene of dramatic clouds over gaunt winter trees, and, 20 minutes later when I stopped for gas, a big red truck at Royal Farms, reflecting the soon-to-be-setting sun.

When the following winter approached, I thought some more about those skies. I decided to try making the sky a primary focus of a silkscreen or two, something I hadn’t done before. So, my Fun-a-Day project for January 2013 was to record the day-by-day progress as I began to plan, draw, and print Sky and Truck.

Our neighbor Al knows a lot about trucks, and he explained how to tell that it’s a Peterbilt truck with a refrigerated trailer. He told me what most of the parts are, though I might not remember them all. I remember that the bright disc under the side of the trailer turned out to be the end of the cylindrical gas tank for the refrigeration unit.

As I worked on the silkscreen, I liked the counterpoint: The wildness of windblown clouds, loosely painted and drawn, contrasted to the careful drawing and manmade precision of the truck, shining in that late-day sun.

Swirly clouds turned out to be a lot harder for me to silkscreen than more layered clouds, but it was a fun challenge. I’ll see what I can do next with my other favorite scene, the stark, gnarled winter trees, slightly echoing the shapes of the big tall clouds above.

—Nancy McIntyre, 2013


Nancy McIntyre, Sky and Trees

Nancy McIntyre
Sky and Trees, 2014
water-based silkscreen with 68 colors
13 1/2 x 18″ $175.


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