NYC Gallerists Evaluate Damage to Artwork from Sandy Flooding

Most of the issues facing New York’s gallerists are the same as the rest of New York and New Jersey: removing floodwaters, sorting through damaged goods, looking for fuel, and beginning to rebuild. On the bright side, many report that the damage is not as severe as they had thought, and that many artworks will be able to be fully restored. Others faced worse damage, with artists reporting losing hundreds of works. The NYT’s article posted a sunnier outlook; CNN’s reported worse lose. Regardless, both ended on a humanitarian note.

Conservator response teams from the Museum of Modern Art, the American Institute for Conservation Collectors, and various art insurance agencies have been on site in New York over the past several days. On Tuesday the Art Dealers Association of America announced a grant and loan plan for uninsured galleries in the hardest hit area of lower Manhattan.

Reporting from the NYT and CNN.



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