Frieze Art Fair Updates: Frieze Masters

I came to love contemporary art by way of Romanticism and Impressionism. Each one makes me appreciate the other, and it’s that same idea that’s made the organizers of the Frieze Art Fair in London, which showcases contemporary work, add a Frieze Masters show next door. When fairs such as Miami and New York are simply multiplying, it’s refreshing to see Frieze offering a relatively huge range of art and ideas. While other fairs have embraced the same idea, Frieze’s profile puts the affiliation on a more prominent stage.

In the NYT, RoseLee Goldberg agrees: ” “It is the lineage of ideas throughout history that makes the present so relevant,” said RoseLee Goldberg, the director of the Performa festival in New York, who had come to London to see both Frieze fairs. “It was exciting to stand in front of a Lynda Benglis and a Louise Bourgeois and to see a 12th-century painted Madonna and Child nearby. The range from 200 or 300 B.C. to 2000 A.D. created a stunning panorama of ideas.” “


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